Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my livestream on Koir? 

If you’re not sure yet how to livestream, read our tutorial! Once you’re ready, submit your event details here

Is this the only live streaming service solely for music? 

Koir provides a centralized service for musicians to submit their events and learn about livestreaming. Our friends over at Fight For The Future are doing something similar with their site We are excited to expand Koir in the future to host livestreams directly on our site.

What kind of artists can use the service? 

Any and all are welcome! Whether you’re livestreaming from your bedroom, or a practice space, or a home studio… anyone who has an interest in performing their music live is invited to participate.

Because audio is essential to this experience, what hardware do you recommend?(What kind of computer should I use? Mixers? Webcams? Microphones? Cameras? Lighting?) 

Because we feel livestreaming should be accessible to everyone, we encourage you to use whatever you have. With the most basic setup, you can use your laptop with built-in webcam and microphone. But if your music is electronic, your setup might look a little different and take a bit more work to configure. Refer to our tutorial to get started on the basics of livestreaming music!

What software do you recommend? Do I need to download any streaming software?(What OS do I need to use?) 

With YouTube Live, you do not need any additional software. Just make sure you have the most updated version of your operating system. 

With Twitch, you will need to download an additional program called OBS. You can refer to our guide for more information on how to get this working!

Can I still stream if my internet connection is spotty or slow?

First step is to run a speed test! We recommend having an upload speed of 5mbps for streaming, though it is possible to stream with less.

Is there a way to test if my live stream sounds good? 

We encourage you to do a test run before going live! Invite a friend to check out your test stream to see how it sounds, or open it up yourself on another device. YouTube Live also archives all streams, so you can do a test stream and then listen back to how it sounded.

Is there a way to troubleshoot issues, such as video and audio not syncing? 

We hope our guide is sufficient in addressing your concerns. If you need additional help, feel free to email and we’ll try to help you troubleshoot.

What are the video format and quality guidelines for live streaming on Koir? 

If you can get a livestream going, we are happy to add it to our calendar — no specific video format or quality guidelines apply.

Is Koir available to fans around the world?

As long as you have a good internet connection, it doesn’t matter where you are!

Does Koir record or archive live streams? 

The current version of Koir does not support recording or archiving livestreams. Those will be recorded and archived by the stream-hosting services (YouTube or Twitch.) We are working on a future version of Koir which will have a robust archive of past performances.

Is there a time limit for how long I can live stream? 

Time limits are determined by the sites that host the streams

Are you hosting livestreams or telling people where to go to livestream? 

We are not hosting livestreams, we are organizing livestreams going on all over the internet as well as providing information on how to set up a livestream.

Is there a moderator, and how is Koir curated? 

The submissions will be moderated by the Koir team. We would like to keep the submissions as open as possible, though this may change with demand.

Will you promote my live stream, or do you have tips on how to do so? 

We are excited to offer Koir as a service for artists looking to promote their upcoming livestreamed events. However, outside of listing the event and posting on our social media, we will not be doing any supplemental promotion at this time. We encourage you to post about it on social media, tell your friends, and join communities to help connect your work with like minded people!

Is there a chat function to interact with the audience? 

Join our Discord server!


We do not tolerate harassment, discrimination nor harmful activity of any kind. We do not currently host livestreams ourselves. Koir organizes and categorizes livestream events taking place all over the internet. The host platforms (YouTube, Twitch, etc) have their own terms of service and methods of dealing with problems.BUT if anyone has an issue with the content of a livestream, or with behaviour taking place on Koir, please contact us at and we will do our best to solve the problem on our end.

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