Koir is a place where musicians and fans can connect through livestreamed performances.

Koir was started on March 20, 2020 by musician Nika Roza Danilova (Zola Jesus), web developer Erik Zuuring & musician Devon Welsh.

After many conversations about the state of the music industry, we wanted to help artists feel more empowered and sustainable with their work. Though livestreaming is not intended to replace live music, it gives musicians another option to monetize and promote their music. We feel it is important that musicians have as many tools and resources as possible in a time when the financial value of music is in decline.

Koir v0.1 currently consists of an event calendar and thorough guides on how to livestream, written with the musician in mind. We are looking forward to expanding and adding new features as needed, but in the meantime we hope you find this helpful.

Note: Koir is not for profit, has no funding outside of our own personal investment, and was made with the intent of giving musicians a place that isn’t owned or directed by corporate greed. We believe in Mutual Aid.

Special thanks to Panther Modern and Lior Phillips for their help with bringing Koir to life.

© Koir 2020